What to Pack For A Summer Trip to Jindabyne

What to Pack For A Summer Trip to Jindabyne

Snowy Mountains in Australia

Jindabyne is a premier summer holiday destination in the Snowy Mountains, a scenic alpine region in southern New South Wales. Our charming mountain town borders the Kosciuszko National Park and lies nestled on the shores of Lake Jindabyne, an adventure playground with an abundance of outdoor adventures, lake activities and unique experiences in the outback.

The Snowy Mountains are home to Australia’s top alpine ski resorts but there’s something special about a summer holiday in Jindabyne. The peak summer season in Jindabyne is from December to February with highs in the mid to upper 70s and lows in the 60s, fresh, crisp mountain air in the mornings and evenings and perfect day time temperatures for sun, sand, and outdoor activities.

Packing for a summer trip to Jindabyne does not need to be tricky! Our team at Alpine Country Holidays live, work and play in Jindabyne and we’ve curated the perfect packing guide for a summer holiday in the Snowy Mountains of NSW.


Clothing You Can Layer

The summer weather in Jindabyne can vary throughout the day, with the possibility of summer rainfalls, so packing clothing you can layer is the way to go. Jindabyne is a laid-back holiday destination where mountain casual is perfectly acceptable, day and night! Aside from your adventure gear, you’ll need shorts, tees and swimwear for the daytime, and jeans and a light sweater for the evenings. If you want to dress up for a special occasion or night out on the town, be our guest!


Binoculars & Camera Gear

Jindabyne and the surrounding areas are a haven for birdwatching and wildlife viewing in their natural habitat. Kangaroos, wallabies and wild brumbies roam free, Gang-gang Cockatoos hide in the iconic snow gums and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of a Wedge-tailed Eagle soaring through the skies. Packing your binoculars and camera gear is a must for a Jindabyne holiday. Bring along your portable power bunk and lots of memory cards to capture the moment and make memories.


Adventure Gear

Jindabyne offers the perfect balance of energetic outdoor adventures and lazy days at the lake. If you’re an outdoor adventurer at heart, be sure to pack all your adventure gear for mountain activities in the great outdoors. If you’re a traveler seeking new experiences, Jindabyne has local outfitters with rentals for all your outdoor adventures, from lure and tackle shops to kayak and watersports rentals.


Beach Gear for Lake Activities: Lake Jindabyne (Jindy to the locals!) comes alive in the summer months and there’s nothing more refreshing than getting out on the water. Packing for a day on Lake Jindabyne includes beach towels, swimwear and a rash vest, flip flops for the beach, water shoes for climbing, high factor sunscreen and lip protection, and a wide brimmed sun hat.

Skateboard Gear: If you’re a skateboard rider, pack your deck! The Jindabyne Skate Park is nestled on the shoreline of Lake Jindabyne in the heart of town and features a street course, and one of the best skate bowls in Australia with an eight-foot deep end and six foot shallow end.

Fishing Gear: Pack your fishing gear as Jindabyne is one of the best fishing spots in NSW for fly fishing, boat trolling, bait fishing and lure spinning. Rent a boat, book a fishing charter on Lake Jindy, visit a trout farm or hatchery, or head out with a local guide to explore the rivers and secret fishing spots around Jindabyne. Our local waters are home to rainbow and Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and Atlantic Salmon. A short stay fishing license is required and easily available at local service stations.

Hiking Gear for Bush Walking: Whether you’re embarking on lakeside stroll, a guided nature walk at Lake Crackenback or heading out for a day adventure from Charlotte’s Pass (Australia’s highest village) to the peak of Mt Kosciuszko (Australia’s tallest mountain), you’ll need comfy hiking gear. Pack comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots (preferably worn in already!), a windproof and waterproof jacket for changing weather conditions and high elevation hikes, a hiking rucksack for snacks and water, and a walking stick if you’re planning a rugged hike in the Snowy Mountains. Passes for entry to the Kosciuszko National Park are available locally at the Snowy Mountains Visitors Center in Jindabyne.

Mountain Bike Gear for the Trails: Jindabyne is every mountain biker’s dream with quality trails for all ages and abilities. Cruise over 25 kilometers of epic trails at the Thredbo MTB Bike Park, play on the pump track and jump park, and ride the local trails from the top of Thredbo to Tyrolean Village. If you’re road-tripping to Jindabyne, bring your biking gear along or there are several local outfitters nearby with high performance mountain bike rentals and armour packages to keep you safe.

Horseriding Gear: Saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime on a horseback ride through the Australian outback! The best gear for horseback riding is closed shoes or knee-height boots with a slight heel to grip the stirrups, jodhpurs or comfortable pants that don’t restrict movement, and a well-fitting helmet, of course! If you’re an avid horse rider, bring your own helmet or our local outfitters will supply one for your high-country horse riding adventure.


COVID-19 Travel Essentials

Holiday travel looks a little different thanks to Covid-19. Our holiday accommodations are professionally cleaned and sanitized prior to arrival, ensuring a safe place to stay. Be sure to pack disposable or washable masks, travel hand sanitizer, and your proof of vaccination or negative test should it be required. The latest Covid-19 guidelines for NSW show you no longer need to show evidence of your vaccination status, but rather be safe than sorry!


Travelling With Kids

If you’re travelling to Jindabyne with kids, our local stores have adventure gear rentals for all ages, but you’ll need to bring along a hiking backpack for the trails, travel crib and stroller, a baby monitor for home, booster seat for mealtime, and their favorite tours, books, and activities for play.


Holiday Accommodations In The Snowy Mountains

Book your summer holiday in the Snowy Mountains with confidence with Alpine Country Holidays. Our selection of rentals include the best holiday accommodation in Jindabyne, Lake Crackenback and Thredbo, and Tyrolean Village.

Staying in a private holiday home makes packing easy! Every one of our holiday homes and apartments features a fully-equipped kitchen with basic kitchen essentials, luxury linens and towels, designer shampoo, conditioner and bath wash, a full supply of toilet paper, dishwashing tablets and laundry detergent, and non-toxic cleaning products. Most of our homes have laundry facilities for guest convenience and light packing.


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