Payment | Cancellation Policy plus Our Conditions of Occupancy


During these challenging times, we give you peace of mind by booking your holiday direct with us.


10% deposit at the time of booking

Your Balance Due is due 45 days before your arrival. If booking within 45 days – the full amount is due at the time of reservation.

CANCELLATION POLICY –  [Direct Bookings] 

You can cancel your trip up to 45 days before arrival – Less a $200 admin fee
If you cancel within 45 days before arrival – No Refund

CANCELLATION POLICY –  [Online Travel Agents] 

For Airbnb Reservations – ‘ Super Strict 60 Day Policy ‘ – refer to AirBnB for the terms & conditions.
For VRBO | STAYZ Reservations Strict’ – refer to VRBO/Stayz for the terms & conditions.
For Google Hotels – ‘ Strict ‘ – refer to Google Hotels for terms & conditions.



For Alpine Country Holidays, to provide a high standard for our guests while respecting the rights of other residents, we require our guests to comply with specific regulations. We appreciate that most people do the right thing; however, the occasional bad experience has forced us to impose the following conditions of stay:

GENERAL: You are responsible for reading and understanding these Conditions before booking and paying a deposit. You (hereafter named “The Guest” whose name appears as the reservation) ‘The Guest’ acknowledges that they are responsible for the actions of all additional occupants/guests who are part of the Guest reservation and occupy the property under this agreement plus for any visitors of The Guest to the property. The Guest agrees they will be at the property for the entire reservation period, and you are over 21 years of age. The property is not to be used for commercial purposes, functions or otherwise. The reservation with Snow Escape Holidays Pty Ltd t/as Alpine Country Holidays [referred to as ‘The Company’] is not a residential tenancy agreement under residential tenancy legislation in NSW. However, the Guest acknowledges that they are to abide by all legal requirements that may be made by State and Federal authorities in relation to the property occupancy. Failure to comply with The Guest’s fundamental obligations in this Conditions of Occupancy may result in immediate termination, eviction, or extra charges. Refunds will not be paid on terminated occupancies.


  • SHORT-TERM RENTAL CODE OF CONDUCT: Guests who book premises in New South Wales must abide by their responsibilities and obligations under the NSW Fair Trading Code of Conduct for the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Industry. Please click here for further information and to download a copy of the Code.
  • DATE: The property is let to The Guest for holiday occupancy purposes for the authorised number of guests and only for the dates you have reserved.
  • CHECK-IN: Check-in is after 4 PM on the arrival date: [3 pm during non-winter periods]. Due to housekeeping schedules, this time may be altered. Key safes and door codes will activate at this time. Please, do not arrive at your rental early unless advised by Alpine Country Holidays staff.
  • CHECK-OUT: Check-out time is 10 AM on the departure date. Check-out instructions are included in your welcome pack and are provided in the Hinfo digital guest manual, plus your welcome letter. A $150.00 fee will be charged for each half-hour past the required check-out time that the Guest remains on the property. We often have guests leaving and arriving the same day, leaving housekeeping a limited time to clean. A ninety-dollar ($90.00) per item fee will be charged for each lost garage door opener. A minimum three hundred ($300.00) re-key fee will be charged for lost keys.  Please read and follow the check-out instructions before departure and call the Alpine Country Holidays office (64561991) with any questions.
  • GUEST NUMBERS: IMPORTANT: We take overcrowding properties very seriously.The total number of occupants must not exceed the number shown on the property description page and your check-in documents. Including infants. The following are in place should you be found to be overcrowding:
    1. The immediate termination of your stay with eviction from the property with no refunds.
    2. Forfeiture of your security deposit.
    3. On-the-spot fines can be imposed on The Guest by the Snowy Monaro Council under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000 (NSW). These can be up to $2000.

    If you are considering overcrowding the property with extra guests – We would advise you not to.

  • INSURANCE: We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances, including loss of deposit, cancellation of airline flights, accommodation cancelled by The Company but out of their control, cancellation fees, medical expenses, and loss of personal belongings during the stay.
  • ONLINE CHECK-IN: If requested, The Guest must provide, by electronic photographs to The Company, an Australian Government-issued photo ID showing The Guest’s current address and/or a credit card in the name of The Guest. This is done via a secure online Check-In before you arrive. Completion of the online check-in is a condition of entry to the property. If you decline to sign the rental agreement or supply the ID and/or credit card. We reserve the right to cancel your booking within our cancellation policy.
  • SECURITY: The Guest agrees to provide the above credit card details for the security amount noted in the reservation confirmation. The security will be released when the property has been inspected upon your departure. The Guest agrees they can be charged over and above the security for any damages, missing items or extra cleaning with the amount owing deducted from the security or charged to the credit card used for payment. Excess damages will be invoiced to The Guest and pursued through all legal means.
  • CLEANLINESS: We appreciate you leaving the property as it was found on your arrival, but The Company reserves the right to charge you an extra cleaning fee to cover the cost of additional cleaning of the Premises, which is required because of your occupancy. Furniture is not to be moved either inside or outside the property. Should the property be left in an unsatisfactory condition, such as kitchens not tidied [pots, pans and cutlery or crockery left out on benches – garbage or food left in the property etc.], causing housekeeping to add extra cleaning time? A minimum additional cleaning fee of two hundred dollars [$200.00] will be charged. Please, stack dishwashers and turn the unit on. Housekeeping will empty on cleaning. Full departure instructions are provided in your welcome letter at the property or the ‘Hinfo‘ digital guest book for the property. A $110.00 administration fee will be processed on all extra charges.
  • Bicycles – Are not permitted inside our properties. Bikes are to be left in garages if available or in storage areas. Evidence of bikes in properties or common areas (hallways etc.) will attract an extra cleaning fee.
  • Bar B Que’s – Should the property have a BBQ supplied and used by guests? We would ask it to be cleaned and left as found. Should a BBQ not be cleaned, an extra cleaning fee of $70 will be charged to The Guest for the extra cleaning time involved.
  • SMOKING: All our properties are NON-SMOKING. Any guests found to be smoking, or any evidence of smoking in or around the property will incur, at the minimum, an extra four hundred dollars [$400] cleaning charge. Plus, the administration fee of $110.
  • DAMAGE CHARGES: The Guest acknowledges that all damage, breakage, or losses to the property and/or furniture and furnishings will be charged to The Guest. This charge is not limited to the amount of the security deposit. In addition, an administration fee of $110 will be levied on all damage claims. If you find something damaged or broken when you arrive at the property, it is up to The Guest to report it to our office immediately upon arrival. Should there be no notification within 18 hours of The Guest’s arrival? The Company will regard the property as having no damage.
  • PARTIES & GATHERINGS: Alpine Country Holidays have a strict – ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY – regarding parties & gatherings. Disturbance to neighbours, including excessive noise, is prohibited and will result in termination plus eviction without a refund. Additional charges will be made for security call out and other expenses but not limited to – extra cleaning or damage.
  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: To protect guests and properties from unauthorised access, some holiday properties have security cameras installed at external entrances. Cameras are not permitted in other areas where a guest can expect privacy. By booking with us, you consent to be recorded. Footage may be held for up to 28 days, after which it will be deleted.


  • PROPERTY: We have taken great care to describe your holiday accommodation as accurately as possible. The Company cannot accept responsibility for incorrect descriptions, errors, or omissions. The Company assumes no responsibility for equipment not available, which may have been in the property  When a booking is made, the deposit is accepted for the owner at that time. If the property is sold and the ownership changes before your holiday, we cannot guarantee that the property will remain available. We cannot accept responsibility for decisions made by a new owner, including cancelling your booking. However, if the property is sold, you will be notified, hopefully allowing time for us to assist in organising alternative accommodation.
  • PROPERTY SECURITY: The Guest is to ensure the property is locked when vacant and on departure. The Guest retains responsibility for the property security during their stay.
  • ACCESS: Whilst we respect your privacy, we reserve the right to enter the Premises at any time to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Occupancy.
  • PROBLEMS/MAINTENANCE: The Company and/or the Owner do not accept liability or loss caused by equipment failure and/or services out of our control, including, but not limited to, hot water, sewer, electricity, and gas. If you find a maintenance problem, please advise us immediately. The Guest agrees to allow the Company or nominee to enter the property to arrange necessary repairs. Please note: some maintenance problems may take time to be repaired. The Jindabyne area has limited access to trade and maintenance personnel. Therefore, The Company cannot be held responsible if a maintenance problem cannot be fixed/repaired immediately. No refund or reduction in tariff will be made for the non-availability of any of these items for any part of a stay.
  • PETS: Pets are NOT permitted on the property, only in advertised & approved pet-friendly properties. Should The Guest stay in the approved pet-friendly property, The Company or Owner cannot be held responsible for pet security or welfare whilst occupying the property.
  • WILDLIFE: Many properties managed by Alpine Country Holidays are in rural areas and/or have surrounding landscaping, gardens, or national park. Prevalence of wildlife & insects can be found around these premises, especially after severe weather events such as storms, rain, or intense heat. While every attempt is made to control and manage the wildlife, including a pre-arrival inspection at the property to check for activity, from time to time, some animals and/or insects can enter the property. On notification, The Company will act as quickly as possible to manage any situations at the property with the guests where they are in danger. If seeing or experiencing wildlife is a safety concern for guests due to intense personal fears or allergies, we recommend avoiding booking properties where the possibility of wildlife is increased.
  • USE OF FIREARMS ON RURAL PROPERTIES: Where guests choose a rural property the use of firearms is not permitted. Evidence of the discharge of firearms will cause the immediate termination of the reservation and eviction.
  • TARIFF: Tariffs are current as per the tariff sheet and are subject to change without notice. No responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions on the Alpine Country Holidays or Online Travel Agents [Airbnb, VRBO] website. Please note that any verbal quote given is an estimate of price only, which will be subject to written advice on confirmation of the reservation.
  • INTERNET: Some properties supply internet facilities for Guest use. It is provided for streaming only. Downloading, e.g., movies/shows, are not permitted. The Guest warrants that they will not use the service provided for: — Downloading, streaming, sending, or posting discriminatory, illegal, harassing, or threatening messages, content, or images on the Internet. The operation of any internet connection during your stay is not guaranteed and may be disrupted or unavailable. This also applies to Foxtel/Austar-type services. The Guest will not hold The Company or Owner liable for any disruption of these services.
  • CALL OUT FEES: The Guest acknowledges that they are renting a residential property and that properties may have residential storage hot water systems. These are set to take advantage of ‘Off Peak’ electrical rates. Using too much hot water can cause the water to run out. Reheating will take overnight. The Guest acknowledges this. Using too many electrical items, including heaters, can ‘trip’ an electrical circuit. If The Guest requests a call-out to assess or fix any of these issues caused by The Guest. They accept a call-out fee charged to their credit card or security.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY: To the maximum extent permitted by law, in no case shall The Company nor its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents or property owners be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages or for any damages for death, personal or bodily injury, emotional distress or damage to property, arising out of or in connection with The Guest stay. This limitation applies to all claims for damages, including negligence, even if The Company has been advised of the possibility of such. The Guest agrees not to hold the online booking agency, Agent, or property owner liable for any problems that may occur that are not within their direct control or jurisdiction. i.e., power outages, hot water, council sewer main blockages, transport or access problems caused by weather events, domestic waste removal, trespassing, noise etc.
  • INDEMNITY: The Company and/or Owner do not accept liability for any personal loss or injury to The Guest and those associated with The Guest during the rental period, including that caused by events beyond our control. Events may include, but are not limited to – adverse weather, fire, flood, traffic, war, terrorist activity, civil disobedience or other force majeure, and no refund or credit will be offered. The Company reserves the right to alter the Conditions of Occupancy at any time.
  • ONLINE TRAVEL AGENT BOOKINGS: Where a reservation is made through an Online Travel Agent [OTA], e.g., Airbnb, VRBO/Stayz, or other travel agents. The Company and The Guest agree that these ‘Conditions of Occupancy’ will take precedence.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about how your information is collected and used. This notice applies to all information collected or submitted by The Company. All client information is kept in-house and strictly confidential. Personal information collected during order processing [name, address, phone & fax numbers, email address plus credit card number & expiration date] is used exclusively to the extent necessary to complete a reservation. The Company does not share our customer’s personal information with any third party. We use return email addresses to answer requests and offer occasional newsletters and special offers. Should you not wish to receive these, please notify us. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance – SAQ-D.Strict PCI DSS compliance is necessary for any business accepting credit card payments. We continuously monitor PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure, processes, and scope, all of which are updated at least every two years. Card details are tokenised separately into a secure PCI Compliant Vault, and a secure token is submitted to The Company through our API. Full credit card details are not shown to us. Our data retention policy is to remove all card data 14 calendar days after checkout from your stay. Cancelled bookings are removed on the day of departure.      
FINAL WORDS – Letting Us Know When Things Go Wrong:

The team at Alpine Country Holidays makes every attempt to have the premises in excellent condition, and our housekeeping team prides itself on their work. However, if anything is not ‘up to scratch’, please advise us immediately – we can’t fix it if we don’t know about it. We won’t give you a discount or otherwise make up for something wrong if you leave it till well after your arrival to let us know. Nothing makes us feel worse than when a guest has suffered through something during their stay when it could have been quickly fixed, so please keep us informed!

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