All Things Snow Information & Guide

Whether it is your first time or a return guest, the information below will provide you with all our tips & hints for your snow holiday.

First Time to the Snow?

Holidaying in the snow is all about planning! The more you have pre-planned the easier your holiday will be! The first question is to ask yourself are you coming for ‘snow play’ or do you want to try skiing or snowboarding, or both?

Coming to Play in the Snow?

Snowplay requires basic warm clothing which includes-

Waterproof Jacket & Pants [can be rented] – Rubber-soled & waterproof boots or snow boots [can be rented]

Waterproof thermal gloves [purchased from $15+] – Warm Hat or Beenie [purchased from $15+]

Snow goggles for those blizzards [purchased from $30+] A toboggan – For some fun [can be rented]

Thermals – We suggest purchasing wool thermals and you can then “layer’ to maximise your warmth

We also advise you to bring a ‘Thermos‘ or something you can put some warm hot chocolate in for your day in the snow. Taking some light snacks and chocolate bars will also build up your energy. We suggest if you have kids – after an hour or so in the cold you bring them inside for a warm hot chocolate & marshmallows!

Where to Snowplay?

Dead Horse Gap [Map LINK] is our favourite out-of-the-way spot to try some snow play or build your snowman.

Perisher has an area called ‘Tube Town’ where you can buy tickets to be taken up a small hill to slide down on inner tubes – see LINK

Please make sure you have read our section on Winter Driving – see LINK to get to either of these two areas.

Where to buy?

a couple looking at snowboarding boots in a store

ESS Boardstore – Across from our office.

Monchichi Souvenirs & Gifts – Nuggets Crossing

Alpine Sports Jindabyne – Above Woolworths


Want to Try Skiing or Snowboarding?

This takes a little pre-planning to make everything run smoothly!

First, you will need the equipment as above in our Snowplay section.

Second, you will need to visit our recommended snow equipment rental stores to hire items you do not want to buy!

ESS Boardstore Alpine Sports or Larry Adler Rent a Ski for your rentals.


A rental ski package will include skis, boots & ski poles. You can also add your clothing to the package. The rental technician will fit you into the ski boots. Take your time as you will be in the boots all day so make sure they are comfortable. Do them up and walk around the shop for 5 -10 minutes before deciding. If uncomfortable swap them over to another size or brand. Rental packages can be 1 day or multi-day hire.

Your skis will have ‘bindings’ on them to connect you to the skis. These are a safety mechanisms programmed by a trained technician to your height, weight &  skiing ability. Should you have a fall the skis come off for your safety. Only use the skis that are yours. Do not swap them to another member of your group.

If you want to try snowboarding the technician will set up your boots to your snowboard. The same applies to the boots as above. Make sure they are comfortable! The board has a binding but it is not a safety binding. All the above rentals will allow you to swap between ski & snowboard during your stay.

Helpful Hint: When in the mountains and you are going for a break or lunch ‘split’ your skis. This means take 1 ski and place it some distance from the other ski. This helps stop someone from picking up your skis by mistake, or worse?

Ski or Snowboard Lessons & Lift Tickets

Got your rental gear? Now it’s time for a ski or snowboard lesson & a lift ticket? The resorts of Thredbo & Perisher both have great ski schools for all abilities. We highly recommend a Thredbo lesson to get you started or to hone your skills even if you are already a skier. Should you have between 2-6 in your group, consider a ‘Private Lesson’ where you have only your group with your own private ski instructor. By having a private lesson you have the best ski lift priority so you get more out of your lesson without not having to wait in line for a chairlift.

Resorts cater to children & adults with their class lessons of between 2 hours and 1/2 day in duration. Kids can do a full day with lunch included



DEMO SKIS – If you have your own equipment consider renting a pair of top-of-the-line demo skis. Jindabyne Sports – ESS – Alpine Sports & Harro’s have the major brands and should you decide to purchase will take the rental off the retail price.

Helpful Hint: If your car is a small one and you do not have room, it may be worth considering renting your equipment on the slopes at either Thredbo or Perisher. Both have huge rentals and usually, you can package your lift tickets and hire with lessons. You can also leave your skis or snowboard in a locker and you only have to bring your boots back to your Jindabyne accommodation to warm up for the next day.

Don’t forget you must pay to take a vehicle into the National Park. Winter fees:

Winter (Alpine Way, Kosciuszko Rd and Link Road) From the start of June long weekend to the end of October long weekend: $29 per vehicle per day (24hrs); motorcycles $12; bus passengers $11.45 per adult, $3.60 per child per day (24hrs).

All Parks Pass – For all parks in NSW (including Kosciuszko NP) $190 (1 year) / $335 (2 years)




If you are looking to buy a set of ski boots after renting, the Last Run Boot Fitting Clinic is located inside the Alpine Country Properties & Holidays Jindabyne office [next to the Jindabyne Post Office]. The clinic is the best place to have them fitted and you may just bump into a World Champion or Olympic medal holder getting their boots fitted! Appointments are a must for this exclusive service. These can be made at the front desk of our office or call 64572472

Start your holiday planning on the right path by renting a Jindabyne holiday apartment or holiday home from Alpine Country Holidays.


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